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Epigenetics and Ancestral Energy Patterns

Epigenetics and Ancestral Energy Patterns

This is a fascinating article on behavioural epigenetics. I have seen many, many, many patterns in clients which are traced back to ancestral traumas. For example, descendants of holocaust survivors tend to have a particular purple and white energy pattern in their field and a tendency for anxiety about sudden loss of security etc. The tension seems to be stored through the whole body but especially the crown and base chakras (energy centres). The base chakra being about survival and physical security and the crown chakra disturbance comes from a “crisis in faith”. I have seen many more patterns including those affecting eating beahviours/weight issues. The seed of the pattern began where the ancestors experienced a trauma associated with nutrition and survival. Clearing these patterns also have great outcomes. For example, clearing a toddler’s ancestral patterns from both her grandfathers (one who was poisoned and the other who experienced famine) meant that she sat still at the dinner table and ate what her mother served her for the first time in her life.

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