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Signs You Have an Energy Blockage


My clients most likely to notice and report that something in their body/psyche is “blocked” are often those who have a yoga or meditation practice, as well as professional actors and singers. They recognize their blockages because they see them reflected in their daily practice and, interestingly, their work opportunities.

However not everyone recognises such obvious feedback. At certain times in our lives, we may just be too busy or distracted to realize that our emotional and physical “machine” is not running as well as it could.

Signs you have an emotional block may include some of the following:

  • You don’t feel well. Every illness has an underlying energy block. When there is a natural flow of vital force through the body, you will be in optimal health. As soon as there is a disruption in that flow, you will be susceptible to manifesting physical health problems.
  • Life is not flowing. You may find that, in one or more areas of your life, things do not seem to flow as they once did. You may feel blocked or stuck.
  • You’re lacking your usual radiance. Energy blocks tend make people look tired and weighed down. Clients, after clearing their blocks, often have friends asking what surgical “touch ups” they may have had.

Energy blocks can affect your body and your life. (Always be sure to have your medical practitioner check any medical issues as this is information is in no way a diagnosis.) The following blocks are among the most common:


Energy related to love is located in the chest area. Blockages here will manifest with issues in relationships or difficulties finding a relationship. Chinese medicine also suggests that grief is stored in the lung meridian. This appears as a white or purple colour in the heart chakra and lung meridian.  Many clients experience coughs or colds after a loss or break-up. Another manifestation of blockages here includes panic, or hyper-alert states and an inability to pause and recharge.


Money issues are related to blockage in the base chakra (located in the base of the spine). A common pattern where there is been a great loss of physical or financial security can be imprinted in the genes. Often this is present when a family or their ancestors have had to move and suddenly lose their home or security. It also a common pattern in decedents of war survivors. When this pattern exists, the client may experience “leaky bucket syndrome”. In other words, regardless of how hard they work, they cannot seem to get ahead financially and feel physically drained. Feeling financially and physically drained can also be attributed to a state known as “parenthood”.


If the solar plexus chakra is blocked you may experience blocks in your career or purpose, along with low confidence, motivation and self worth. This can easily become a catch 22. Physical manifestations of this feeling of “stuckness” can include adrenal exhaustion, liver meridian stagnation and digestive issues.

Just like a knot in a hose will prevent the flow of water, a block in your energies will hold back the flow in your life and body’s vitality. If you’re ready to shift your blockages, conscious movement such as yoga will be a wonderful start. You may wish to dig deeper and have it addressed by a healing practitioner. Then you can look back at the wonderful opportunity that your energy block has given you to start you on your healing journey.

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