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Signs You Have an Energy Blockage


My clients most likely to notice and report that something in their body/psyche is “blocked” are often those who have a yoga or meditation practice, as well as professional actors and singers. They recognize their blockages because they see them reflected in their daily practice and, interestingly, their work opportunities.

However not everyone recognises such obvious feedback. At certain times in our lives, we may just be too busy or distracted to realize that our emotional and physical “machine” is not running as well as it could.

Signs you have an emotional block may include some of the following:

  • You don’t feel well. Every illness has an underlying energy block. When there is a natural flow of vital force through the body, you will be in optimal health. As soon as there is a disruption in that flow, you will be susceptible to manifesting physical health problems.
  • Life is not flowing. You may find that, in one or more areas of your life, things do not seem to flow as they once did. You may feel blocked or stuck.
  • You’re lacking your usual radiance. Energy blocks tend make people look tired and weighed down. Clients, after clearing their blocks, often have friends asking what surgical “touch ups” they may have had.

Energy blocks can affect your body and your life. (Always be sure to have your medical practitioner check any medical issues as this is information is in no way a diagnosis.) The following blocks are among the most common:


Energy related to love is located in the chest area. Blockages here will manifest with issues in relationships or difficulties finding a relationship. Chinese medicine also suggests that grief is stored in the lung meridian. This appears as a white or purple colour in the heart chakra and lung meridian.  Many clients experience coughs or colds after a loss or break-up. Another manifestation of blockages here includes panic, or hyper-alert states and an inability to pause and recharge.


Money issues are related to blockage in the base chakra (located in the base of the spine). A common pattern where there is been a great loss of physical or financial security can be imprinted in the genes. Often this is present when a family or their ancestors have had to move and suddenly lose their home or security. It also a common pattern in decedents of war survivors. When this pattern exists, the client may experience “leaky bucket syndrome”. In other words, regardless of how hard they work, they cannot seem to get ahead financially and feel physically drained. Feeling financially and physically drained can also be attributed to a state known as “parenthood”.


If the solar plexus chakra is blocked you may experience blocks in your career or purpose, along with low confidence, motivation and self worth. This can easily become a catch 22. Physical manifestations of this feeling of “stuckness” can include adrenal exhaustion, liver meridian stagnation and digestive issues.

Just like a knot in a hose will prevent the flow of water, a block in your energies will hold back the flow in your life and body’s vitality. If you’re ready to shift your blockages, conscious movement such as yoga will be a wonderful start. You may wish to dig deeper and have it addressed by a healing practitioner. Then you can look back at the wonderful opportunity that your energy block has given you to start you on your healing journey.

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Where There’s a “Will” There’s a “Won’t” – Your Aura and Self-Sabotage

ImageYou see pictures of gorgeous, fit, radiant models leaping for joy in a meadow or in a state of supreme ecstasy holding an apple. You first feel inspired, curious to learn of the missing link to eternal youth and health. You finish the article. You sigh. It was a great article and you know you would feel better if you put their advice into practice – healthy routines, green smoothies, meditation, exercise, but deep down, you know it will never happen because you’ve got an embarrassing secret. A bad habit.

In truth, you wake up feeling about as fresh as the bottom of a 7/11 coffee machine. If I saw your aura in this state, there would be a brown, muddy sludge-like energy, stagnating the liver and gallbladder meridians. This “sludge” will give rise to sugar and stimulant cravings which will further exacerbate your feeling of “blah”.

If I asked you if you would like to release your negative habit you would nod your head vigorously. If I looked at your aura while you responded, I would see the equivalent of a pantomime  actor gesturing, “Nooooooo!”.

But you absolutely want to quit this habit, right? Every part of you wants it gone.


You are in fact having an arm wrestle with your subconscious mind, which has been in training for your entire life. It developed clever, protective mechanisms even before you could speak. Your willpower has nothing on your subconscious, “won’t power”.

Jacqueline had been talking all year about her fantastic new, raw food and juice diet, which did not exist. Her family knew the spiel so well they could finish her sentences word for word. In reality, white bread, sugar and processed foods were the perfect fellow conspirators in her subconscious mission to sabotage her positive intentions.

When I looked at her aura in our first session, I noticed Jacqueline had an unusual pattern. Her consciousness was fragmented and projected outward, about one metre in front of her body. This was where Jacqueline was storing her future. I shared this, “Your future never happens”. She replied, “Oh I know! I can’t wait to get to my future!” Jacqueline’s eyes lit up as she described her “future”, as if it were a destination or utopia. For Jacqueline, it seemed the concept of the future was where all her joy was stored. I explained that there was no way she would be able to create a better future until she was in the here and now.

The space immediately around her physical body, which represented her present, was in a white, blurry fog. Fog is a very useful disguise in the aura. Our negative behaviours can remain, undetected forever, if they have a nice, fluffy fog in which they can hide. This fog was concealing Jacqueline’s diet sabotage behaviours. Jacqueline’s subconscious had created this fog in order to protect herself from her own judgment and lack of self worth, resulting from the negative behaviours.

I reinstated (returned) Jacqueline’s missing energy and focus to her present. Her lifestyle, which changed the next day, now reflected a woman with a strengthened inner power and in command of her life.

In relation to habits and addictions, fog, liver stagnation, disempowered patterns are some of the many auric indications I have witnessed. However there are many more.

Others include:

–       Cords/ties, which connect the person to an object of addiction;

–       numbing patterns designed to “anesthetize” against emotional pain (often present where there are alcohol or sugar habits); and

–       wall-like barriers, which keep a person in isolation via de-energising habits.

When you set out to release a habit, first be kind to yourself and thank your subconscious for creating the protective mechanism. It did its best to help, but its way of going about it was not useful. Acknowledge the cause of the need for this protection and decide how you could replace the protection in a more constructive way.

I wish you strength and look forward to seeing your picture in a health magazine (or, at least, being the picture of health)!


Where There’s a “Will” There’s a “Won’t” – Your Aura and Self-Sabotage

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“Can you read auras? Can you see mine? Actually don’t tell me – it’s probably black!”woman-umbrella-rainbow-628x363

Though often said in jest, this is a fairly common response from people when they discover I can see auras.

What I find interesting is that even if people do not verbalise their apprehension,
I recognise a level of anxiety in their aura when I read it for the first time. In some cases, an entire wall may emerge in an attempt to hide or protect one’s information from my viewing. This particular response is most common in male clients (sorry guys!).

All these reactions are quite reasonable responses to the realisation that someone can actually see through to the real us. We have spent many years creating layer upon layer of protective mechanisms in an effort to hide who we really are.

My belief is that deep down we all fear that we are not worthy. We are terrified that someone will actually discover who we are because the shame would be too great when they discover what terrible, fallible people we are. This would result in the manifestation of another of our deeply held fear – rejection in its truest form.

In actual fact, and I can sincerely say, based on what I see, that each and every one of you is a magnificent, glorious, loveable being with wonderful gifts to bring to the world.

This world is extremely confusing and challenging. We have had to develop certain behaviours, defence mechanisms, habits and patterns in our struggle to survive and protect ourselves from harm. Some behaviours have been useful, some outdated and some downright destructive. It is important to know the difference between our behaviours and our self, our true self.

So why have I made aura interpretation such a large part of my therapy practice? Is it to admire the pretty, swirling colours like a spectator of a fireworks display? Well while the beauty in auras is always enjoyable to watch, there are more meaningful reasons I use aura reading in my practice. With the ability to “see”,
I have developed a way to identify limiting life patterns.

Too often we work tirelessly on the symptoms or outer manifestations of a problem, rather than removing our underlying patterns. We can run along blindly from one therapy to another, working on ourselves and our issues but without the aid of a visual representation of the causal patterns and where they are held, it is difficult to a. identify them and b. know when they have been cleared.

I have been using a fantastic technique to heal the energy field and body. This  is a powerful tool which can remove the energy distortions and resonance with negative patterns and which are holding us back and replacing the mind/body with life affirming beliefs and a new level of life force.

I have many examples of the identification and removal of clients’ patterns. Recently I saw a client who, I observed psychically, had a crack in his sternum.
I asked if it had been broken. Coinciding with this disruption of energy in the sternum area was a transverse line of energy, dividing his body between the upper and lower levels the energy between the spiritual and physical levels of his life. I suggested that one of the implications of this could be a tendency for positive circumstances and opportunities to “fall through” before they are able to manifest. Additionally I suggested that this could cause physical fatigue as the higher energy or “life-force” was not able to nourish the physical body effectively. When I questioned the client about this apparent crack in the sternum (which he confirmed was actually a broken sternum as a result of an accident), he explained that since the accident he had been unable to get ahead in his life. He suffered from chronic fatigue and continual stops and starts when opportunities would dissolve as quickly as they appeared.

I conducted a healing session on the client. After the first session, the line across his body dissolved completely. Consequently he experienced profound changes in his life and energy levels.

We all have unhelpful patterns. Some patterns can be caused from a physical incident while many begin on the emotional, spiritual or mental levels. Either way, the end result is the same and the patterns will manifest on all levels.

Our ability to lovingly and patiently observe our unwanted behaviour will assist us in beginning a path of transformation.




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