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Where There’s a “Will” There’s a “Won’t” – Your Aura and Self-Sabotage

ImageYou see pictures of gorgeous, fit, radiant models leaping for joy in a meadow or in a state of supreme ecstasy holding an apple. You first feel inspired, curious to learn of the missing link to eternal youth and health. You finish the article. You sigh. It was a great article and you know you would feel better if you put their advice into practice – healthy routines, green smoothies, meditation, exercise, but deep down, you know it will never happen because you’ve got an embarrassing secret. A bad habit.

In truth, you wake up feeling about as fresh as the bottom of a 7/11 coffee machine. If I saw your aura in this state, there would be a brown, muddy sludge-like energy, stagnating the liver and gallbladder meridians. This “sludge” will give rise to sugar and stimulant cravings which will further exacerbate your feeling of “blah”.

If I asked you if you would like to release your negative habit you would nod your head vigorously. If I looked at your aura while you responded, I would see the equivalent of a pantomime  actor gesturing, “Nooooooo!”.

But you absolutely want to quit this habit, right? Every part of you wants it gone.


You are in fact having an arm wrestle with your subconscious mind, which has been in training for your entire life. It developed clever, protective mechanisms even before you could speak. Your willpower has nothing on your subconscious, “won’t power”.

Jacqueline had been talking all year about her fantastic new, raw food and juice diet, which did not exist. Her family knew the spiel so well they could finish her sentences word for word. In reality, white bread, sugar and processed foods were the perfect fellow conspirators in her subconscious mission to sabotage her positive intentions.

When I looked at her aura in our first session, I noticed Jacqueline had an unusual pattern. Her consciousness was fragmented and projected outward, about one metre in front of her body. This was where Jacqueline was storing her future. I shared this, “Your future never happens”. She replied, “Oh I know! I can’t wait to get to my future!” Jacqueline’s eyes lit up as she described her “future”, as if it were a destination or utopia. For Jacqueline, it seemed the concept of the future was where all her joy was stored. I explained that there was no way she would be able to create a better future until she was in the here and now.

The space immediately around her physical body, which represented her present, was in a white, blurry fog. Fog is a very useful disguise in the aura. Our negative behaviours can remain, undetected forever, if they have a nice, fluffy fog in which they can hide. This fog was concealing Jacqueline’s diet sabotage behaviours. Jacqueline’s subconscious had created this fog in order to protect herself from her own judgment and lack of self worth, resulting from the negative behaviours.

I reinstated (returned) Jacqueline’s missing energy and focus to her present. Her lifestyle, which changed the next day, now reflected a woman with a strengthened inner power and in command of her life.

In relation to habits and addictions, fog, liver stagnation, disempowered patterns are some of the many auric indications I have witnessed. However there are many more.

Others include:

–       Cords/ties, which connect the person to an object of addiction;

–       numbing patterns designed to “anesthetize” against emotional pain (often present where there are alcohol or sugar habits); and

–       wall-like barriers, which keep a person in isolation via de-energising habits.

When you set out to release a habit, first be kind to yourself and thank your subconscious for creating the protective mechanism. It did its best to help, but its way of going about it was not useful. Acknowledge the cause of the need for this protection and decide how you could replace the protection in a more constructive way.

I wish you strength and look forward to seeing your picture in a health magazine (or, at least, being the picture of health)!


Where There’s a “Will” There’s a “Won’t” – Your Aura and Self-Sabotage

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